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Fairy Garden Plants for Shade

For many years people believed that little creatures such as fairies, dwarfs and elves lived in the gardens and parks and even today people try to make a special place for them using fairy garden plants. In fact it is an interesting landscape decoration with many plants, stones, furniture and houses. It looks like a little copy of a large park.

You can buy all the necessary equipment at the shop, but the work itself should be done only by you. Here you may give freedom to your fantasy and creativity. To make this nice decoration you should choose a good container. It may be a wooden bucket, a glass or ceramic bowl, a woven basket, a flowerpot or just anything you find suitable for this purpose. For the fairy garden plants and flowers could grow well and bring you joy it is necessary to choose a good soil. It is recommended to put pebbles on the bottom of the flowerpot. The next layer is soil with adding vermiculite for better friability of the soil.

Live Fairy Garden Plants

Typically, such miniature gardens are made thematically. For example, it may be a rockery, a rocky desert, a tropical forest. Depending on the theme, you can choose different plants for miniature fairy gardens – cactuses and succulent, deciduous and flowering species, grass and moss. It is better to give preference to the flowers which grow very slowly to preserve the appearance of the landscape. In addition, they should be undemanding in care.

An excellent choice of indoor and outdoor fairy garden plants is presented by Haworthia, Nertera, Sedum, Crassula, miniature roses, ivy, cyclamen, saxifrage, spiderwort, dwarf cypress and fir trees and others. Think about the placement of this landscape decoration. If a flowerbed is situated in the shade choose deciduous species and for dry, sunny placement – desert species of plants.

Fairy Garden Plant Pot

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