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Make Fairy Garden Pot

Fairy garden pots represent a fresh current in the yard decoration. It is not a usual flowerbed, but it is an amazing thing, which help to organize a creative arrangement and is able to strike and to enrapture anyone. The presence of this living piece of art makes the space a little bit magical. A flowerpot, used in a special way, looks like a miniature magical word, which has its own separate secrete life.

Fairy garden ideas in a pot include some indispensable moments. To reach a desired effect and to get a beautiful item, follow some simple rules. First of all, make an adequate drainage on drilling the containers at the bottom. In the second place, match the plants that require the same watering and lighting level and can leave together. At last, the enchanted flowerpot has to be added with different accessories, which the choice is incredible: tiny houses and benches, toy horticultural sundry, toy furniture, animals and insects, magic creatures like dwarves, etc. Just they give a special charm to a composition. But don’t go too far with them.

Broken Pots Become Fairy Gardens

For to make fairy garden pot with some levels, take several flowerpots of different diameter and put them one another. They have to be stable, so burry each upper bowl at least two inches at the lower one. When choosing the soil, pay attention to the type of the future plants, because each of them needs special conditions. Before planting, think over the arrangement of flowers and decorations.

Except new containers you can organize fairy gardens in broken pots. The decision has a really picturesque look. Don’t throw away splinters, because it is possible to use them in a composition. Just give vent to your fantasy and you’ll succeed creating a really whimsical scene.

Fairy Gardens in Broken Pots

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