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Herb garden planner will combine decorative vegetation in the spatial, artistic and colourful with regard to creating green spaces and colourful composite ensembles. But in practice it is more difficult – have to match so many different factors to take, sometimes, only one the only right decision. And this not enough to know what crops are light-requiring, and which are shade-tolerant – it takes more into account the fertility of a site, which crops grown here in the past, and what herbs will grow together peacefully and without conflicts.


Medicinal Garden Planner

So really farmers have to keep herb kitchen garden planner and account all details. The determining factors during planning the space – soil, climate, and an environment. The more they will be taken into consideration, the more harmoniously fit into the existing landscape. Natural conditions also have an important role when you will choose plants for landscaping.

Medicinal Herb Garden Planner


Interactive Herb Planner

What factors should be considered when you will draw a scheme with a vegetable and herb garden planner: all vegetables like a sunny place. Only green cultures, which include onions and chives partially reconciled with penumbra. So, in the shade of a small dwelling, a fence, trees and shrubs can be sown and planted onions and some herbs.

Interactive Herb Garden Planner


Herb Kitchen Garden Planner

Secondly is compatibility of vegetables. Cole will not grow with tomatoes and beans. Cucumbers – with potatoes. Tomatoes – with fennel. Potatoes – tomatoes and pumpkin. The only carrot could be seeded with all. The third rule is long-term crop rotation, the prospect for 3-4 years.

Herb Kitchen Garden Planner


Herb Companion Planner

Pharmaceutical area or a gath of medicinal plants has been known since the Middle Ages.  Currently, such space – is a fashionable novelty, the highlight of the gath in a natural style A medicinal herb garden planner assist to select a place for crops. For proper growth of spice, plants need a lot of sunlight. Take into account their biological features. Variants of landscape design can be many, and they depend on various factors: nature of a terrain, traditions of a region, taste, design capabilities and financial possibilities of an owner.

Herb Companion Garden Planner

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