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A herbs garden indoors is a perfect idea to have your favorite spices on the windowsill. Green plants decorate an interior and are always in the way when you want to cook something delicious. It is a good decision, if you don’t have your own yard. Fresh greens are not out of place, moreover that they don’t ask much space and a big care. Edible vegetables are not only beautiful but useful and healthy as they are rich with vitamins.

The arrangement of a DIY herb garden indoor requests containers and soil. Best of all is to take two parts of potting mixture and one part of coarse sand. Than take the seed of the plants you want to have and soak them in water for a few hours. You can also raise sprouts. In this case, leave them in water until the sprouts will appear. Put the seeds or the sprouts in the soil and place them on south or west window, where the sun shines at least six hour per day and gives plenty of light. In a few weeks you will harvest the first leaves.

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Each herb garden indoor beginner has to know that containers may be absolutely different: flower pots, cups, wooden boxes or plastic tanks. The most important thing about them is an adequate drainage. It is possible to take a separate pot for each shoot or place them in one big container.

The best herbs for indoor herb garden are thyme, chives, mint, sage, and basil. They are chosen thanks to their flavor, utility and ease in growing. Oregano, lavender, rosemary etc. are also good. To have a good harvest, water the herbage regularly. Don’t cut more than a third of the verdure because it takes a long time to recover and weaker the stem. At last, label pots for an easy identification.

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