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Facts About the Indian Paintbrush Flower

Indian paintbrush flower or Castilleja is not only the symbol of State Wyoming, but it is a nice plant. It belongs to the broomrape family. It was named after a Spanish botanist Domingo Castillejo.

When traveling along the roads or while hiking on mountain trails in the west of North America from early to late summer, you do not need help to find a flower called indian paintbrush. The top of its stems is similar to shaggy brushes, dipped in red paint. Many years ago Native American tribes used this plant in food as a condiment. It was also used to treat sexually transmitted diseases and to enhance the immune system. But at the same time it may be toxic, because it can absorb selenium from soil. But using it properly was not only safe, but also good for health.

Flower Called Indian Paintbrush

It is interesting to know some facts about the indian paintbrush flower for those, who is going to have this plant in the garden or yard. Castilleja is a partial parasite and grows on the roots of other plants. The height of this plan is usually from 5 to 30 cm. It is sun loving. It blooms only in summer (mostly June, July). It is not poisonous and does not have any scent. It is a low-maintenance plant. This flower is resistant to cold weather. It is proliferated by seeds. It is recommended to plant it in groups. Though red color of this plant is considered to be the most popular one, you may choose any color you want. Castillejas may be of pale yellow, greenish-yellow or pink colors. They will surely be a wonderful decoration of your garden.

Whiteflies are pest, which can make harm to a red indian paintbrush flower. In this case, like other diseased plants, they are sprayed with systemic insecticide.


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