Why a Kitchen Herb Garden is a Wonderful Choice

Indoor Kitchen Wall Herb Garden

Kitchen herb garden is a source of healthy herbage for human food. It may be organized as indoor so outdoor. Useful plants can go into a small yard, patio or even balcony. If you have a piece of earth outside, separate a space close by the door to have spices always handy. Thanks to the good taste and easy growing the most popular are thyme, chives, mint, sage, basil and rosemary.

Herbs for kitchen garden are used to make the dishes more aromatic. It is a great idea to have your own fresh leaves when you need. First, you save money, because it is cheaper to grow greens as to buy it. Then, it is healthy because you get the organic verdure. Besides, the majority of plants are able to frighten pests. They have medical qualities, too.

Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

Take a good look at some kitchen herb garden ideas. If the yard is very small, build a spiral flowerbed. It is beautiful and compact option to grow a great deal of vegetables. For instance, place sun-loving sprouts on a top and those who like shade and moisture at the bottom at eastern side. If there is no ground around the house, use pots and containers. The advantage of this idea is in the mobility. You have the possibility to place pots anywhere and take them into the house in a cold season.

A kitchen herb garden DIY can be made on the open ground among other vegetables. Some plants are on friendly term with each other. Basil feels good near tomatoes and papers. Rosemary keeps away beetles from beans and potatoes. So, companion planting is very useful from one side. From the other side, you will enjoy fresh fragrant leaves only in winter. The way of planting is in your disposal.

Hydroponics Herb Garden Kitchen

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