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Miniature Items for Fairy Garden

Natural Beauty of Miniature Fairy Garden

A miniature fairy garden is the best decoration for any green place and especially, such interior is loved by children.


Fairy Animals

So if you or your child is in love with fairies, you can try putting these magic details into your place with greenery and plants.

Fairy Garden Miniature Animals


Live Miniature Trees

Live Miniature Trees for Fairy Gardens



It musts not be expensive decorations, they may be little and handmade but they will add lovely and tender colouring to your terrace, patio or garden.

Miniature Dollhouse Fairy Garden


Fairy Figurines

If we start speaking about the most popular and widespread accessories for such type of decorating, we may say that they are little statues of fairies, gnomes, solar lights, house etc.

Miniature Fairy Figurines for Garden


Miniature Bridge

Miniature Fairy Garden Bridge


Fairy Containers

Mini fairies for gardens are the main decoration for a green place, and they can be made with your own hands if you have time and desire to make them. Maybe you have got some little statues of your favourite magic flying creatures that were given to you many years ago and now you can use them as decorations among the plants.

Miniature Fairy Garden Containers


Garden Cottage

Miniature Fairy Garden Cottages


Fairy Garden House

The fairies love animals a lot and care about them, so you are likely to have fairy garden miniature animals like hares, squirrels, mice and some other animals you like.

Miniature Fairy Garden Houses



These statues may be obtained almost in any shop and put everywhere you like among the greenery. They will help to make lovely atmosphere of an enchanted forest.

Miniature Mushrooms for Fairy Gardens


Garden Lights

Miniature Fairy Garden Lights


Miniature Pond

Also, if you decide to put some bird feeders, little fountains or pure ponds that are small, you will admire this place and want to visit it as often as possible because it will give you a lot of relaxation and pleasure.

Miniature Ponds for Fairy Garden


Furniture for Fairy Garden

Miniature fairy garden trees also may be a wonderful decoration for your green spot. These trees may be made of clay or resin but if they are put outside, it is desirable they could endure any weather.

Miniature Furniture for Fairy Gardens

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