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Tips Incredible Patio Vegetable Garden

Tips & Tricks for Incredible Patio Vegetable Garden

A patio vegetable garden can be vertical, hanging or it can be as a complex of containers. Designers suggest different solutions, including raised beds, potted plants, pyramid gardens or even wheels.

Vegetable Garden on Patio

Vegetable Garden Patio Ideas

Usually all the solutions are caused by a limited space in urban area. To provide your garden necessary conditions for its healthy growing and prosperity, first of all, you should locate your plants at the sunniest place of your patio.


Small Patio Vegetable Garden Ideas

To start a small patio vegetable garden you need a soil. To start with you can buy ready clean soil or prepare it on your won, or just add peat and compost to enrich it.

Small Patio Vegetable Garden Ideas

Choosing the right receptacle acceptable enough for your patio space think about as big as possible one.


Patio Vegetable Garden Containers

Large pots, five-gallon planters, or spacious containers would be good choice in your case to provide plants with both enough soil and drainage.

Patio Vegetable Garden Containers

Keep in mind that sometimes one large pot would be more space-saving solution than two middle-sized ones.

Let yourself be creative and original in your planning. Consider such patio vegetable garden ideas which exploit vertical area including various shelves and hanging clay pots, wooden boxes, plastic bins, or, perhaps, nursery tubs. Pots on wheel are easy moved while wheeled carts are easy transported to forward the sun.

Patio Vegetable Garden Planters

As far as you have limited space you can not choose too big variety of plants. Think carefully what vegetable gardening on a patio do you really need? What kind of vegetables do you prefer to grow? Which plants could you provide the best conditions for?

Easy Patio Vegetable Garden


You can begin experimenting from culinary herbs such as dill, parsley, marjoram, basil, sorrel, salad etc. Or, may be, you will prefer to start from onions, garlic, carrots and lettuce. Listen to your intuition, switch on your imagination, and trust your taste.

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