Perennial Garden Plans is it That Good

Pre Planned Shade Perennial Garden

It is not so difficult to make a place near your house nice – you should only use perennial garden plans and it will bloom and bring you pleasure day by day.

A flower bed is a bright element of the garden-plot, so it makes no sense to make it in the remote corner or hide it in the shade of trees. The best place for a flower bed is the one which is easily visible from all sides of the plot. Multilevel flower beds (with tall plants on the background and low-growing plants on the foreground) are better placed at the walls of the house, fence or hedge.

Planning a Perennial Garden

Making all season perennial garden plans a special attention should be paid to the choice of the flowers. It is necessary to take into account such aspects as: drought-resistance, required level of light, peculiarities of soil and recommendations concerning specialties of care. Designers recommend choosing plants for all season flower beds in such a way that it would bloom from spring to autumn. Since many perennials bloom only 1 month, there should be at least 7 sorts of them.

If you don’t know how to make a plan yourself there are many free small and large perennial garden plans, so you should only follow them. Here is one simple scheme with the list of flowers and the period of their blooming), which may help you to make your patio bright. So, first of all plant geranium along the edges of the flower bed (the first 2 months of summer) and stonecrop (September). They are followed by iris of different colors (May-June). Then peonies and roses should be planted (May-July). And at last at the fence tall plants are popular such as globe thistle and millet (August).

Perennial flower garden plans offer to use such spring plants as crocuses, bluebells, narcissus, tulips, hellebore, pansies, daisies, viola and others. Summer is famous with its geranium, phlox, delphinium, carnation, rose, lily, aster, petunia and mallow. Chrysanthemum, fever-weed and molinia are autumn representatives. They will fling their fragrance and bring you joy and pleasant emotions.

Pre Planned Perennial Garden Designs

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