Most Elegant Shade Garden Plants

Colorful Plants for Shade Gardens

On hot sunny days shady places in the garden are very popular for relaxing and having rest and to make this place more pleasant one can choose nice shade garden plants. Of course, they will need extra watering and fertilizing.

To choose the best shade garden plants it is necessary to define to level of lightning of the plot. So, the shadiness of the plot is defined by the duration and intensity of sunlight, solar altitude and the presence of trees. It is defined three kinds of shadiness: stable, partial (when the sun appears there only at a certain part of day at least 3-5 hours a day) and diffuse (sunlight through the branches and leaves of trees).

Rock Garden Plants for Shade

The full shade garden plants are: asarabacca, Solomon’s seal, elecampane, crassula and dragon arum the flowers of which remain a nice glass. Under the conditions of such dense shade a special microclimate, which is characterized by high humidity of air and soil, is developed. These conditions are favorable for the formation of flower beds with such flowers as astilbe, geraniums, hellebore, wood anemone. If the soil is well-moistened hosta will grow rapidly attracting the attention with the beauty of the foliage and a rich palette of colors, ranging from pale green and blue tints to the rich yellow ones. Fern (king’s-fern, shuttlecock fern, male fern) may also be in the center of such a shady flowerbed.

For the flowerbed with the partial level of shadiness it is preferable to use such plants as: broad-leaved Solomon’s seal, periwinkle, barrenwort, anemone, spring primrose, bergenia, woundwort and cereals. And for areas with a diffuse shadiness such shade loving garden plants as peppermint, flaxseed, tarragon, melissa, creeping navel seed, lungwort, star grass are perfect. The most popular shade-bearing woods are sawara cypress, American arborvitae, creeping juniper, wild hydrangea, elder and white dogwood.


Container Gardening Shade Plants

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