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Even a small vegetable garden can give you pleasure for a while if you let them grow vertical. You can arrange it with trellises, stakes, fences, or cages. Any fresh idea would be useful here. What do you find more convenient and effective? Just try. There are several vegetables which are great for gardening and like to grow vertical. For instance, these are peas, squash, tomatoes, or pole beans etc. Support them with special equipment and they will fill a free space by its verdure and fruits.

Your planning a small vegetable garden can be easy enough to do it on your own. The size is wonderful not only because of your time and space-saving, but because the positive emotions you can survive will be as bright and deep as if you had big garden. It is amazing! That is the miraculous impact of communication with nature. Give yourself such everyday present.

Easy Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Small backyard vegetable garden design, first of all, should include day sunlight period for chosen place, air circulation, warm, water and soil as usually for a kitchen-garden. The criteria are essential for many different plants cultivating on open air. In the vertical design solution the nuance is good that upward-bound vegetables are less susceptible to fungal diseases because of good air circulation near the leaves.

Consecutive planting provide you with great chance to harvest several crops from a single limited space. Such small vegetable garden plants can be listed in the next sequence: from early leaf lettuce to fast ripen radishes, and the next transplanted tomatoes, and afterwards garlic. To add extra weeks to planting season you can try to warm the air around your plants with help of mulches or row covers, or, may be, with cloches. Dare to experiment and share your experience to know more.

Small Space Vegetable Gardening Ideas

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