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Vertical Herb Garden for Indoor and Outdoor

Vertical Herb Garden Wonderful Idea for Your Garden

Vertical herb garden is a fantastic seedbed, which is able to live in a limited space. It contains a lot of plants and doesn’t occupy much area.


Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

This is the best decision for urban premises, where people are separated from nature and can’t have a yard with verdure. Thanks to a standing container, you have the possibility to organize a nature corner, which is not only an awesome decoration but also a source of fresh verdure for your table.

Vertical Indoor Herb Garden



In Your Kitchen

Vertical herb garden DIY is a cheap project that doesn’t request special skills or materials. It is possible to use old pallets, pots, boxes, boards, etc. Don’t forget to provide containers with an adequate drainage and enough sunlight. These two conditions will guaranty you a rich harvest.

Vertical Herb Garden in Your Kitchen



Vertical Herb Pallet

Growing herbs in a vertical garden is a kind of hobby. It has a lot of admirers because of its simple realization and wonderful effect. There is a large variety of ideas how to build such flowerbed. One of the propositions is to take a used pallet, to make a bottom under the boards and put it at the wall.

Vertical Herb Garden Pallet


Living Wall Planter

You’ll get a capacious container with lush verdure. Long narrow boxes, filled with soil, can be attached to the wall. They don’t occupy a lot of space but have a nice decorative effect. A metallic array with hanging pots is convenient for rooms and patios, too.

Vertical Herb Garden Living Wall Planter


Outdoor Vertical Garden

The assortment of variation is not less for an outdoor vertical herb garden. A tower of pots permits to grow plenty of vegetables and have a very picturesque appearance.

Outdoor Vertical Herb Garden

A simpler idea is to hang pots on the fence. More pots provide more beauty. And the most amazing project is a usage of soda bottles. Make a large hole in the side, fill it with soil and hang horizontally on threads. It’s great!

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