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Make Vegetable Garden Plans Easily

Make Vegetable Garden Plans Easily

A kitchen garden is an inexhaustible source of vitamins and health, but to organize it in a right way you should use vegetable garden plans.

Elevated Garden

So, to start the work you should decide where exactly they should be planted. There are some important factors, which should be taken into account when planning out a vegetable garden. First of all, pay attention to the cardinal point.

Elevated Vegetable Garden Plans


Enclosed Plan

Experts advise to make seedbeds strictly lengthwise from the north to the south or from the north-east to the south-west. So, in this way the plants will be warmed up and lighted up with sun during the day as evenly as possible and they are less inclined to fungal diseases.

Enclosed Vegetable Garden Plans


Fenced Garden

It is better to plant thermophytes (beans, tomatoes and cucumbers) in the southern part and cold-resistant plants (radish, turnip and rutabaga) – in the northern part. To protect plants from cold wind maize, sunflower or berry bushes (gooseberries or currants) may be planted in the northern part too.

Fenced Vegetable Garden Plans


Midwest Garden

The next, but not less important factor is a composition of the soil:

  • Clayey soil needs adding straw-containing manure, sand, compost and mineral fertilizers.
  • For sandy soil use such supplements as peat, manure and mineral fertilizers.
  • If there is an over acidity of the soil one should add calcareous additives – quicklime, slaked lime or wood ash.

Midwest Vegetable Garden Plans


Raise Bed Plan

There are many useful vegetable garden plans layout, which will surely help you. Don’t forget to make paths with the width of no less than 30-40 cm, which will allow you to gather tomatoes and peppers, without making harm to the blooming and fruit-bearing plants. The optimum width of the vegetable patch is 80-100 centimeters. If the bed is wider, it will complicate the care of plants and watering. If it will be wider the watering will be more difficult. It is important to know that cucumbers and some sort of tomatoes (cherry) need special support where they can twine about.

Raise Bed Garden Plans Vegetable



Fenced vegetable garden plans have been always popular. As a rule, a plot is surrounded by a fence. It can be made of wood, stone, brick, ceramic. Or it may be a mixed construction made of nets and other materials. Willow fence looks also excellent and serve for a long time protecting your plot from undesirable “guests”.

Vegetable Garden Plans Layout

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