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Raised Bed Herb Garden Design Plans

Raised herb garden is a capacity to put a lot of favourite flowers when there is minimal space for them. If in your garden grow herbs, a walk on green possessions it turns into an aromatherapy session that can compete with the procedure in an expensive salon. Especially during hot days, when the air is filled with healing scents of lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary. Most plants grow well in pots or boxes. These plants are perfectly combined with Pelargonium and Calibrachoa. In a warm season this fragrant, colourful company; should be watered every day.

In small suburban areas or near a house with a small adjacent area, you should apply raised bed herb garden ideas to do this space more engaging and flamboyant. It looks very original, spectacular.

Herb Garden Raised Bed Design

This kind of flower beds opens up opportunities for the realization of a variety raised herb garden design. It is simple to organize and care but looks very impressive. Designers are advised not to utilize a single tier of flowers of various sizes. Stacked beds look very ingrained if the lower storey of the land be with the largest flower bourgeons, and in the subsequent will be utilized smaller plants. But if you apply flowers with same size, flowerbeds look great too. To form a beauteous composition, it is not necessary to plant in one container a few plants. Alternatively, plant, for example, sun-loving species, such as lavender, oregano, thyme and basil in pots of different sizes.

If you want to combine a large capacity of several types, choose plants that have similar requirements for the place of growth, the demand for water and fertilizing. In a raised box herb garden, in any case, must not stagnate water. If in the box is no drainage holes on the bottom, pour a layer of expanded clay and then on it – a substrate. Ideally, you should use a special ground for herbs. Alternatively, a universal substrate mix with sand in the ratio 1: 2. As the tub water and nutrients do not stay long, not leave behind regularly watered and fed fragrant pets.

Herb Garden Layout Raised Bed

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