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A front yard garden is a part of ground between the road and the porch of the house. It is obligatory to decorate this area, because it is the first thing visible for passersby and neighbors. Only imagine this field bare! The picture is not very attractive. To beatify the area, people use different types of plants and decorative accessories. The simplest way is to grow a grass plot. But there are a lot of ideas to make this strip awesome.

A front yard flower garden is the first that occur. There are no limits in bloom selection. The one advice is to choose flowers native to the climate. It is better to match them in such a way that your lawn will blossom the whole year round. If you don’t know about flowers, consult with specialists. We can advise you roses. These perennial flowers are always beautiful and convenient to any landscape.

Front Yard Garden Designs with Water Feature

Except blooms, there are many other front yard garden plants. As for trees, choose them according the size of your lawn. Evergreens, dogwoods and other mini trees look nice, they are good for small landscapes and don’t hide sunlight. If you have a large space, plant maple, oak or birch. Their crowns give a big shadow and a word for children entertainment. Pay attention also to bushes and shrubs of a medium high, which are able to work as a fence and to separate your private territory from a road.

We have also to mention front yard garden designs with water feature. Almost everyone likes water, and its presence invariably creates an unbelievable impression. A small pond, a fountain or an artificial waterfall will refresh the ambiance, without doubt. But remember that this beauty request considerable expenses and regular maintenance.

Rock Garden for Front Yard

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