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Majestic Miniature Garden Accessories

Ideas for a Majestic Miniature Garden Accessories

Miniature garden accessories are tiny decorations of tiny flowerbeds, pots and terrariums, which are often called fairy. Their essence is in making a separate little word with help of plants.

To create a small piece of nature, they use glass reservoirs, broken pots, large plates and trays, grow special mini plants and add different small toy things. These things create an impression of a live word.

Miniature Accessories for Fairy Gardens

Miniature garden accessories fairy gardens are really impressive items. They are able to enhance any space and amaze your guests. To get this aim you have to choose right plants, create a toy village and populate it with figurines of humans or some magic creatures, such as gnomes, fairies, elves, etc. It is also possible to use statuettes of animals and birds.


Miniature Furniture Accessories

Except figurines, it is very nice to use diminutive furniture and different custom objects. For example, look at dollhouse miniature garden accessories.

Miniature Garden Furniture Accessories

First of all you have to purchase a diminutive house, which has, like a real one, a roof, a door and windows. Then, decorate it with a table and chairs, made of a branch, put a fence, a bench and a swing. Make a lane of pebbles or decorative artificial stones, place a bridge and post “inhabitants”.


DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories

There is two ways to get beautiful additions to your parterre. The first one is more simple, but more expensive. It consists in purchasing in a special shop. The second variant is DIY miniature fairy garden accessories.

DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories

They must be made of materials that suit for indoor and outdoor conditions, notably polymer clay or epoxy putty. Consult with some tutorials to create something interesting.

DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories

If you don’t know to model a sculpture, use, as example, acorns for a tea set, or strings for a bird nest. Anyway, it would be perfect!

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