Peculiar Look of Angel Trumpet Flower

Double Purple Angel Trumpet Flower

It is not reasonless that angel trumpet flower is considered to be the queen of the garden. It is really majestic and attracts everybody’s attention. It impresses with its beauty, forms and sizes.

So, to begin with a person who is going to have this plant in his/her garden should know some general information about it. So, what is angel trumpet flower? This plant belongs to the Solanaceous. It got its name after the Holland botanist Sebald Justinus Brugmans. It comes from the South and Central America and this fact states that the plant is very heat-loving. As for the appearance, it is a large and beautiful tree-shrub, reaching 5 meters in height. Its flowers have a special decorative effect. They resemble giant bells, the length of which is 50 cm and a diameter is 20 cm. They can grow up to 3-4 cm per day. The buds have a distinct flavor that is worse at night. There is a great variety of colors and shades: pink, orange, peach, cream, yellow and yellow-green. There are also double angel trumpet flower. Angel trumpet plant is proliferated by three ways: by sprigs, seeds and layers. The first type is the most popular one. In should be also mentioned that this plant is poisonous because it contains scopolamine and other alkaloids. If you have small children you should either give up this idea or restrict access to this plant. It can cause poisoning, diarrhea, hallucinations, even a partial loss of memory. If you take care about it properly and keep all the necessary recommendations it will bring you only pleasure every day.

Angel Trumpet Flower Hallucinogen

When you choose for your garden an angel trumpet plant flowers of which are very impressive you should know how to take care of it. First of all, the place for this flower should be sunny with little shade in the midday and it should be protected from drafts. On hot weather it is necessary to water it every day. It needs fertilizing every week adding potash and phosphate components. Its cutting should be made not later than mid March; only damaged branches should be cut.

22 Photos of the Peculiar Look of Angel Trumpet Flower

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