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An outdoor fairy garden is an exciting project to give a yard a unique spirit and an incredible look. It is not an ordinary flowerbed but a real piece of art. No wonder, that this type of the landscape design has its name: anyone who has seen it at least once will be crazy about this miniature word for the lees of his life.

Outdoor fairy garden ideas permit to organize an original green plantation anywhere. You can place it just on the ground, under an old tree, or use any container: wooden boxes, old basins, new and broken flowerpots or an old wheelbarrow. With a right organization even an unattractive thing is able to get a new life and to look to advantage.

Outdoor Garden Fairy Statues

Indispensable details of a magical composition are outdoor fairy garden accessories. They add an enchanting look and perform a leading role in the whimsical scenery. The assortment of figurines is endless and permits to create your own unique landscape. With help of tiny houses, mills and bridges you can make a toy town or village and populate it with magic characters, such as pixies and dwarfs.

The first step of the work is a choice of a right shady place. To give the plants the possibility to thrive, pour a layer of fertilized soil. Choose it according to the types of your flowers. Then, separate a needed area with pebble, artificial stones or a little fence. It is better to draw a plan and to think over the disposition of plants and decorations. Set up the statues and make paths of wood or stones. Thereafter, you can arrange plants for outdoor fairy gardens. The majority of them is low and lays a carpet on the ground. They have to be steady to temperature differences and keep the beauty the whole year round.

Outdoor Garden Fairies Statues

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