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Wooden Potato Barrel Planter

Wooden barrel planter could become a place for large plants such as palm trees. They will look very original on a terrace or in a covered gazebo. It’s hard to imagine a gath without flowers. Usually, flower beds allocated as they will decorate the landscape, emphasize its main elements and hide flaws. For an attractive view of crops, it should be taken into account the illumination of selected locations, the possibility of irrigation, and the relief throughout the territory.

Appointment of round wooden barrel planters in a gath can be universal – from casks you could create mini-pools, garden furniture, birdhouses and, of course, containers for flowers and vegetables. To avoid stagnation of water in a bottom of the barrel you should drill holes and placed draining materials – expanded clay, shards, and pebbles. As for the applying of planting material, usually annuals – petunia, lobelia, herbs. If land in casks is well heated, then you could grow cucumbers, squash, and zucchini.

Wooden Potato Barrel Planter

Most often, large round wooden barrel planters made of boards of coniferous trees. They should be impregnated with a special compound.

Wooden whisky barrel planters are ideal not only for gath plants but also for trees. You could make such a tub, not having skills and knowledge. Keep in mind that the larger the shape, so it is harder. Therefore, if you plan to move it in winter in a greenhouse, do a tub with wheels.

Materials for the manufacture of tubs:

Wooden Barrel Planter Tubs

– polyethylene pellicle;

– boards;

– corner posts;

– waterproof glue;

– nails.

Lay on a flat surface place side plates for the bottom. Then make the corners to connect the upper and the lower side of plates. After that, compile from the boards the bottom and sides. All boards are glued together and secured with nails. It is necessary to beat to the bottom the board-support, which will raise the tub on a short distance from the ground. To reduce the contact the flowerpot with the ground, inside put a plastic wrap. The finished tub should be covered with varnish or paint.

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