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Fairy Garden in a Planter

What to Expect from Fairy Garden Planters

Fairy garden planters have become very popular nowadays. Because with them you are able to make your garden even more captivating, enchanting for yourself and surroundings. Do not care if someone says it is a childish trend, because this is so funny way to add magic into your life and enrich your yard.

Fairy Garden Planter Box

You can find hundreds fairy garden planter ideas on Internet or get creative and invent your own with help of plentiful accessorizes from shops. Fairies, dwarfs, cute frogs, butterflies, princes and princess can be inhabitants of your green place.

Fairy Garden in a Planter

Be the main architecture of this little kingdom and build tiny fence, huts or cottage, benches, choose right colors of things. Different stuff may come in handy such as stones, pebbles, sand.  For instance, a path to a cottage may be paved with rocks or a roof may be mossy. The bright idea is painting stones with festive colors or polka dots. The funniest part is selecting all these whimsical details. Get free your imagination!

Fairy Garden Planter Ideas


As a rule, the main point is planters for fairy gardens, because there you will plant and make all decoration. A design, size and material depend on you. It can be simple or decorated with different miniatures. A variety is huge. Creeping plant is suitable for edging. Try to choose a large one with lush leaves or blooming flowers. Herbs are good also. You can have parsley, basil, mint or something else and use those for cooking or tea.

Fairy House Garden Planter

Having fairy garden in a planter is a very comfortable decision. You can easy move it inside, if weather is getting colder or you want to clean decorating details. You are free to change location all time. Take into account needs of your plants. Some should have much sunlight and some prefer to be shaded.

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