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Make Wooden Planter Boxes

Which of the Wooden Planter Boxes is Better for You

Wooden planter boxes are excellent decoration of each apartment and the front of the premises as a whole. Choose a bin suitable for certain colors and under the interior, it is now possible in many flower stores or on the Internet.


Painted Box

It can be both simple and decorative containers for flowers. Each version of wooden tubs could be with interesting elements that add a special flair. For the production of such bins utilize various wood species. From the damaging effects of light and moisture protects the wood a special coating.

Painted Wooden Planter Boxes


Raised Planter

You could plant as potted crops and annuals. There are options for elegant decorative tubs, which can be hung on a wall or a window or set on a floor.

Raised Wooden Planter Boxes


Square Wooden Boxes

Various square wooden planter boxes are usually set in corners of a dwellings or balconies. They easily fit to any interior. Such cases could perform the function of a fence.

Square Wooden Planter Boxes


White Box

For country houses rectangular wooden planter boxes designed for windows. They hang outside on metal brackets or hooks. Such containers are filled only 2/3 that of the soil, not be washed away when it rains. In the foreground are planted flowers, which will cover the bin itself.

White Wooden Planter Boxes


Tall Wooden Planter Boxes

You could diy wooden box planter for the kitchen, where it will grow greens. The first step, take a long bin without the top. Then in the board cut holes for pots. It is fixed so that pots were inside the container. Outside covered with three layers of oil-based varnish or linseed oil.

Tall Wooden Planter Boxes


Rectangular Wooden Planter Boxes

The advantage of these containers – they could be at any time brought to the street, if for green is not enough light. Later in boxes could be planted herbs. One of its advantages is that crops not die, because at any time you can remove them from the sun, or put in premises during the night frosts. Boxes with crops that have already faded, you can always remove.

Rectangular Wooden Planter Boxes

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