Variety of Pallet Herb Garden

Wood Pallet Herb Garden

Pallet herb garden is an unusual container, which doesn’t occupy much space but is able to play a role of a big seedbed. It is very convenient as most people have a limited area and can’t afford a big yard or a flower bed. The idea is simple but very effective and nice to look. The item can be placed anywhere, from a balcony or a patio to a narrow kitchen. It is quite mobile, too. Only provide plants with enough quantity of sunlight.

In reality, wood pallet herb garden is a good place for plants grooving. It is not difficult to find a used underpan anywhere. It doesn’t consume much time, efforts and money to organize an alive green article by yourself. Nevertheless, the result will amaze you.

Building a Pallet Herb Garden

If you are not very limited in space, the simplest thing to do is to put a tray on the ground and make a kind of a flowerbed. To realize that make a bottom on attaching tarpaulin or polyethylene. Take care of the drainage, pour soil and sow seeds. Pallet herb garden instructions advice also to put several trays in the shape of the stairs. This is really a funny design, which has a great look and makes the care of herbage very comfortable.

Narrow and small areas request another decision. For instance, it may be a vertical herb garden pallet. Choose an underpan with wide boards. As the boards come on both sides parallel to each other, measure the gap between them, cut a plank of the convenient size and attach to the parallel boards on making the bottom. Put the item vertically firmly, pour soil and plant your verdure. A simpler option of a vertical seedbed is an attaching of pots to a tray. Now, you can have fresh vegetables and wonderful decoration for your home.

Making a Herb Garden out of a Pallet

15 Photos of the Variety of Pallet Herb Garden

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