Low Maintenance Garden Mainstream of Decoration

Low Maintenance Garden Beds

A low maintenance garden is not a wishful thinking. It is a real possibility to have a nice green corner in your backyard and not to waste many efforts. It is well known that any green beds and plantations are laborious and time consuming. To score a success in the task of decreasing your efforts, you have to organize your space in a right way with right plants

Low maintenance garden plans are accessible in various manuals and in the Internet. You can consult them, chose an appropriate variation for you, combine some ideas or add your own godsend. The first desire is to reduce watering, weeding, and pruning. To get the aim we advise you to choose plants that don’t require much water and don’t grow quickly. It is very convenient to install an automated watering system. Don’t forget about mulching, as it gives some important advantages. It feeds plats, serve moisture and prevent weeds propagation. To cut down expenses use egg shells, banana peels, leaves, and branches.

Garden Design Low Maintenance

Garden design low maintenance ideas include also removing or reducing of a lawn, as it consumes a lot of attention, such as watering, fertilizing, and cutting. Build paths for an easy access to necessary beds and to reduce weeds amount. Remember, that any water source, for instance a pond, ask a big deal of financial and physical costs. So, it is better to refuse of it.

The last but not the least is a selection of the best low maintenance garden plants. Grow plants that repel pests and rabbits: sage, basil, lavender. Place the plants with similar care requirements together and take more perennials than annuals. Among the simplest for growing and the most common are rosemary, lantana, lavender, primrose, etc. We hope that this advice will allow you to enjoy your yard more and more.


Low Maintenance Garden Beds

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