Getting Inspired by Wall Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden on Wall

If you don’t possess a backyard, a wall herb garden is a wonderful idea to set up on a balcony or in a kitchen. It is a way out for those who is fond of gardening but can’t to have a large backyard. The arrangement is very functional and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The vertical installation permits to save the space and add some special charm of wildlife.

There are some ideas of a DIY herb garden wall. For example, make hooks, tie strings to pots and hang them. It is the simplest idea. Another way is to nail boards vertically, then attach metallic rings and put pots into them. By the way, it is not obligatory to take usual plastic pots. Try to improvise and use vintage clay pots, take glass jars and metallic cans. Plastic bottles are convenient, too. Just cut off the bottoms, make holes in a wooden board with the diameter of the neck of the bottle and put it into the hole. The container is ready.

Kitchen Herb Garden Wall

A herb garden on a wall may be also arranged with help of a pocket planter. It represents a piece of woven canvas with pockets where they pour soil and grow plants. It is a very comfortable item thanks to its leakproof plastic lining and special hardware for easy hanging. A pocket planter is mess-free and works well indoor and outdoor. It is easy removable, too.

At last, the most expensive and the most beautiful is wall herb garden design. It is a fixed structure, devoted to plants growing. As the tendency of green decorations is very strong last years, designers offer picturesque installations, which blend with general interior and have a really amazing look. The only one thing, that you will never be able to take it away.

Indoor Herb Garden Wall Planter

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