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Herb Garden Deck or Patio

Patio herb garden is created for the enjoyment of life, leisure and pleasure. First of all, you need to determine the order, how do you see this place: perhaps this will be a secluded reading area, with a table and a couple of chairs, or you want to make a barbecue area. To make your gath-patio, you could in the country or even on your own balcony. Put it on a terrace, in the shade of fruit trees or create a shadow over it with the help of climbing plants and pergolas.

You should know some patio herb garden tips: for such place choose hardy plants such as fuchsia and geraniums, as well as different types of climbing roses, clematis, and girlish grapes (for decoration adjacent walls, various partitions, and fence). It looks great patio decorated with container plants. As these crops are flowering perennials, bulbous flowers, herbs, and even small trees in tubs. Large terracotta pots are suitable for non-frost resistant plants that require a shelter for the winter.

Grow Herb Garden on Patio

When making a patio herb garden, you should take into consideration every detail. If you want to set there comfortable wicker furniture for relaxation, table for guests or grill, then do it in right away, so you do not have to infringe on the space of plants. Also, do not forget to care for your patio: remove moss and weeds that grow between flagstones, cut too overgrown plants.

In a stone patio herb garden sow those that are suitable for the gradual cleaning, break off the leaves one by one, leaving the central, younger, for growing. Gath that “hugs” cobbled recreation area really likes owners. You could seed there not only herbs but also small-fruited cherry tomatoes and strawberries. Along the perimeter of the area could be bordered by a spicy spinach or leaf beet. If the chard sheltered for the winter, then you will have fresh greens from early spring until June. Chard leaves have a pleasant taste and very useful can be not only with smooth but also with wavy edges.

Patio Herb Garden Containers

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