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Building Fence Around Vegetable Garden

What Are the Pros And Cons of Vegetable Garden Fence

If you are creative person, vegetable garden fence may serve you not only as a protection from rabbits and other animals, but also as a decoration of your garden. Keeping your plants in safety may be cheap and interesting at the same time.


Chain Link Fence

Nowadays a lot of gardeners build vegetable garden fences and gates. It is absolutely essential if you live near wood or forest and face the problem of animals destroying your vegetable life. Palisade and gates may be of the same color or not, they may have different form and height. They variety of combinations is countless and that’s what creative people like.

Chain Link Fence Vegetable Garden


Picket Fence

My grandfather is an experienced gardener and once he told me that the only thing he regrets about is that he hadn’t raised vegetable garden fence long ago. One morning he woke up and noticed that half of his plants had been demolished by a deer. If was a serious shock for him and he decided that this will not happen anymore. He bought building materials, opened a tutorial for beginning builder and started his work. So can you do.

Picket Fence Around Vegetable Garden


Electric Fence

Building a fence around your kailyard doesn’t require any special skills or experience. All your need is tutorial for beginners, materials and aspiration. Here are some DIY vegetable garden fence ideas that may be helpful. The height of your fence depends on the species of animals you want to resist.

Electric Fence for Vegetable Garden


There is no need to make it too high if there are only rabbits nearby. As for the design, it’s up to you to choose what it will look like. Materials and color may also vary. The most widespread are wood or light metals painted in white or brown. But you may show your imagination in order to create unique and admirable protection for the garden of your dream.

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