Everybody Happy with Low Maintenance Plants

Low Maintenance Indoor Flowering Plants

Flowers always bring a good mood and delight, but not everyone like to spend much time taking care about them, so many people choose low maintenance plants.

There are two types of low maintenance outdoor flowers and plants: perennials and flowers which bloom only one year. Speaking about the perennials it should be mentioned that specialists define such kind which grows better in the shade and in the sun. So, shade-requiring plants are: tulips, lilies-of-the-valley, snowdrops, bluebells, fern, pachysandra, ground ivy, houseleek, Alchemilla and other kinds. Most popular sun-loving flowers are lilies, peonies, phlox, mallow, lupine, aster and carnation. The best low maintenance plants for patio which bloom only one year are calendula, nasturtium, annual aster, marigold, salvia and others. A favorite annual flower “of all times and gardeners” is considered to be petunia. Its beauty and diverse palette will not leave you indifferent. There is a great variety of colors, so you can freely make experiments make your yard bright.

Low Maintenance Plants for Steep Slopes

Every woman has at least one flower at home. Today women lead an active way of life and not always they have time to look after them, so there are low maintenance indoor flowers. So, the best low maintenance plants for indoors are Aloe, aspidistra, Zanzibar Gem, jungle cactus, sword fern, Peace Lily, Crassula, spiderwort and many others. They do not need special care. They are resistant to dry air of the room. Some of them can live without watering for a week or two.

So, for permanent bright blooming of low maintenance flowers it is necessary to give maximum attention to them at once and then you will have an opportunity to relax and enjoy the results of your work. It is advisable to fertilize the soil taking into account the characteristics of each sort. It is easy to have real flowering masterpieces.

Low Maintenance Small Indoor Plants

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